A great destination to revel in during vacations is Pattaya in Thailand. We planned Pattaya travel during our first Thailand trip in March 2019. It was such a fantastic trip, although planned during summers and the weather was humid but still we enjoyed a lot.

The lodging place has a major contribution towards making a tour pleasurable and we were lucky to get a nice hotel to stay. It was nearer to the market and sea shore. In the evening, a lively atmosphere with tourists roaming around the bustling shopping center and enjoying the street food allures to spend a few hours at the spot.

An evening in Pattaya- A nice view of the city as seen from the hotel
Pattaya sea shore
Arcadia beach resort- A view from the hotel balcony

The city is full of surprises but I will share what I enjoyed the most and that was ‘The Alcazar Cabaret’ and ‘Koh Larn island tour’. An amazing journey to the magnificent city will always be remembered due to these two tourist wonders.

Things to do in Pattaya

  • The Alcazar Cabaret

The world’s most wonderful eunuchs perform the show.

 We stayed in a sea side hotel and it takes only 20 minutes to reach the spectacle. The tickets were available outside our lodging. The night was amazing when we enjoyed the cabaret to the fullest. It kept us bound and you will not believe that the dancers were not females. The performance was so captivating that we were spellbound during the whole pageant.

 The spectacular dance was about 2 hours long and when we left for home, it was midnight. Still the city was in its full glamour and the night life was alluring the visitors to spend the whole evening roaming around the city.

  • Koh Larn Island tour

An escape from the bustling city life was the Koh Larn island tour. One of our family friends guided us to the trip as he frequently visits Thailand for shopping and entertainment. He told us never to miss the opportunity to visit the island.

We booked the tour and reached the island through speed boat. The sun was on the head and it was the month of March. Due to humidity, we were feeling a little poky but in the midst cool breeze was striking the physique providing a little relief from the scorching heat. The trip includes the lunch after a two hours stay at the island. In between, underwater sport was offered. My partner went to enjoy the sport.

Ultimately, we reached the island. The whole atmosphere was awe-inspiring. The water sports- snorkeling, paragliding, skiing and banana boat were alluring the people. We spent a few hours sitting on the beach sipping gulp of vodka along with snacks. We left for hotel after relishing the eatables and water sports. It was lunch time and we, Indians were taken to a restaurant serving Indian food.

  • Shopping in Pattaya

We were told that Thailand is best for shopaholics. We explored night fairs, malls and floating markets during our Pattaya tour. The popular brands like Spencer and Zara were presented in the malls along with exclusive jewelry collection, handicrafts, bags, wallets, beachwear and more.

We shopped for one whole day. We left the hotel in the morning and enter the mall. The street food comprising of Thai meals and snacks was also available. I loved the fresh fruits sold by vendors just a few steps away from our lodging.

Pattaya market- Everything is available at walking distance from the lodging
A view of Pattaya outside the hotel

Mike shopping mall, Pattaya night bazar, and Pattaya floating market were the three shopping destinations we visited.

  • Tiffany show, Pattaya

Last but not the least, the world famous Tiffany show allures millions of tourists every year to visit the marvelous city in Thailand. This cabaret show began in 1974 and performed by transvestites. If you are in Bangkok then you can reach the spectacular pageant in only one and a half hour.

The skilled dancers wearing glamorous costumes perform in a perfect lightning and super sound setting. The whole pageant lasts for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. After that the dancers come outside to meet the visitors. If you wish to click photos with them then you have to pay 100 baht.

Things needs to be mentioned

You must book the tickets 24 hours prior to the show.

Bangkok and Pattaya are famous for the malls, massage parlours, floating markets, shopping, glamorous night life, sea shores and islands. The tourists all over the world visit Thailand and the Thai government earn by tourism more than by any other means.

It was the first foreign tour and believe it still I will recommend Bangkok and Pattaya trip to everyone especially Indians. The cities are sophisticated and tourists get every facility besides entertainment. The 24/7 shops provide everything you need; you can exchange foreign currencies anytime and anywhere. Indian food is available easily.

Thailand is one of my favorite foreign destinations and I will love to travel to the place again. People like to visit Bangkok with friends more than with family but I recommend that you must enjoy the city with your loved ones. You will definitely going to appreciate.