Bangkok- The most happening city in Thailand!

The most cenotaph destination I ever visited in my lifetime is Bangkok, Thailand. I got the opportunity of traveling the place in March 2019. Though we were planning to visit via Bangkok tour package later, we decided to go without supervision, and we enjoyed a lot.

 The city was serene and dynamic at the same time.  We spend seven days and six nights in Thailand- 4 in Bangkok and 3 in Pattaya. And those days were unforgettable and nights were stunning.

Top hotels in Bangkok

The first thing a traveler search for is the lodging place in a strange city. The hotel you choose depends upon the need, e.g. a person who often visits the area for business purposes will prefer to stay in a relatively cheaper lodging. On the other hand, if you are here for a holiday trip then obviously you will not hesitate to spend open handedly.

I planned a Thailand tour with family, and a friend guided us to select the lodging house that is cheap and best.

‘The White Palace’ hotel in Pratunam is not too far away from the Airport and provides all the essential services. The Pratunam market is only a walk away. Thai massage centers, 7/11, Indian hotels, shopping hubs, medical stores, Money exchange centers are nearby. Moreover, the decoration in the hotel was awesome. The only drawback is the staff is not so co-operative so don’t expect perfect room service.

The White Palace, Bangkok Thailand
The white palace hotel, Pratunam, Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok

I suggest not carrying too many clothes and accessories if you are traveling from India. Bangkok is an excellent place to shop. Clothes, footwear, bags, makeup, and artificial jewelry, are available at a 1/4th rate as compared to India.  You can spend hours shopping in the city. The platinum mall was located only a few kilometers from our hotel.

The Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok Thailand
The Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok

The mall is huge and sophistically built with products for nearly all age groups. Branded and non-branded clothes, accessories almost flooded the shops. The items were available in a wide price range, and one can shop even for business purposes.

Pratunam market and night markets are other options for purchasing goods and hanging out at night. The lively atmosphere with loud music rejuvenates the spirit and a favorite time pass for shopaholics.

Things to do in Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok was the first show that we watched in the most popular city in Thailand. The aquarium was excellent as it was full of sea creatures, including colorful fishes, coral reefs, sharks, octopus, penguins, and more. Shark Shipwreck displays various species of animals.

Then there is ‘Penguin ice Adventure’ where you feel like standing among the cutest creatures and watching their movement in the snowy wind.

Ocean tunnel is the highlight of the show as it is the longest underwater tunnel in Thailand. You will feel like walking underwater among sea beings. A water tank in the tropical ocean zone with coral reefs and aquatic animals is the show stealer. Kids were enjoying the man in the tank bubbling and swimming among the colorful beasts.

Coral reefs in Sea Life Ocean world, Bangkok Thailand
Coral reefs in Sea Life Bangkok Ocean world

Though you will find a lot of options to enjoy in Bangkok, it depends on the individual interest. We visited Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok, located in Siam Discovery exhibiting giant wax replicas of celebrities from different parts of the world. You can click snaps with various statues in several styles.

Floating markets– Now, again, turn to shop! Floating markets attract tourists who come to enjoy and shop in the city. It is one of Bangkok top attractions as it provides a unique experience of marketing in the river.

We went to the Damneon Saduak market through the bus. The spot is famous for rural and traditional items. One thing deserves to be mentioned here, and that is ‘fruits in Bangkok.’ Along with coconut; mangoes, pineapple, and other fruits were luscious and fresh. Vendors were selling mix fruits, fruit juice, and single fruit in polythenes along with some masala.

I was fond of eating different fruits, and luckily, I found it in the floating market. The fruits were fresh and available for a nominal cost.

The entry cost 800 Baht but was worth it for such a delightful experience. The first thing that was seen in the journey to the floating market was ‘The sugar farm’ where the process of sugar making can be easily watched.

Then, we bought seasonings from the spice market where a variety of flavors were available. Handicrafts, antique items, artificial jewelry, Purses and clutches, eatables and more were being sold there. Don’t forget to bargain!

The sellers were using sticks to deliver the products and taking the money.  The atmosphere was amusing and shopping in a river was such fun.


A variety of food is offered in Thailand, and you can choose what satisfy your taste buds. Thai food includes different types of soups, green curries, chicken fried in coconut cream, roasted duck, grilled pork, and more.

I enjoyed Indian food followed by coconut ice cream that I ate as a desert. Indian restaurants were present all over the city. The only drawback is that they remain open till 11 at night. So, if you wish to enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok either dine before leaving or make-do with snacks available in Mc. Donald’s late night. Next option is 7/11 where ready to eat Maggie and Poha are sold.

Lebua At State Tower

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok Thailand
Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

An indispensable part of the nightlife in Bangkok is the five-star hotel-Lebua located at Silom road. Sky bar is the highlight of the hotel. It is situated on the 64th floor surrounded by transparent walls featuring panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River. The cylindrical bar changes color every 90 seconds. 

Sky bar At Lebua, Bangkok Thailand
The sky bar at Lebua, Bangkok

The bar was opened in 2003 and is managed by ‘Lebua Hotels and Resorts’. Dresses must be elegant- no western or casual! Wear formal dresses with sandals for women and shoes for men! Drinks started from 350 Baht upward, but we have paid for the fantastic view and elegant atmosphere.  The unusual sight from an altitude is wonderful featuring the sparkling city.

A must see attraction for tourists-enjoy the atmosphere with exuberant hospitality and fizzy drinks!

Bangkok, on the whole, is fabulous to travel with spouse, friends or family. You only have to choose the right tourist spots to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The city has something for everyone. Even if you need to shop for your business, you will find a wide range of clothes, accessories, footwear, purses, etc.

Bangkok is an excellent tourist place and most of its earning comes from strollers who like to visit the city over and over. I will love to go for Bangkok vacation if I find the second chance!