Nainital- Best place to enjoy the chill!

I had been planning the Nainital trip for the last 4 to 5 years, and luckily in November 2016, I got this chance for the first time. I am a native of Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand touches the boundary of UP.

We visited the hill station in Uttarakhand in November when the winters were about to begin, and the weather was showing the welcoming signs. The intraday fluctuation in climate is the characteristic feature of Nainital.
We were lucky to get a room in Channi Raja situated in front of Naini lake- An excellent location to enjoy the trip to the fullest!

Naini Lake, Nainital
Naini Lake, Nainital

Tour to Nainital

The most visited hill station in Uttarakhand is Nainital. If you are living close to the city, you will love exploring the place time and again. The beautiful lakes, sites and soothing weather of Nainital allure you to come and unwind.

Every time I travel the city, I find a new romance in the air that freshen me up and revive my spirit. The scenic beauty of Nainital is unsurpassable-clouds touching the hills and lakes reflecting the sky!

Hotels in Nainital

If you are looking forward to traveling to the city, it is advisable to select the boarding place close to the lake and market. Channi Raja is one of the best hotels in Nainital. The fantastic view of the city was visible from the front window. The colorful boats in deep waters reflecting the winter sunrays provided an excellent look at daytime.

The food was delicious, and we love dining at the restaurant of Channi Raja. I recommend staying at this hotel as the service was admirable and the staff was friendly.

If you plan a Nainital trip, don’t forget to explore the lodging place as it is one of the most epochal things that will make your outing memorable. If you are booking Nainital holiday package, choose the best as you are going to spend your valuable time and money, it must be worth.

A view from Channi Raja, Nainital
A view from Channi Raja, Nainital

Shopping in Nainital

One of the popular shopping destinations in Nainital is Mall road and luckily our boarding place- Channi Raja is located on the same street. In the evening, we move to feel the cool breeze near the lake along with walking on the boulevard to shop. Woolens, handicrafts and unique items are available at affordable rates in this market.

Naini Lake
Edge of Naini lake

Another exciting place to make you spend well is Tibetan market run by the natives of Tibet and is not too far from the Naini Lake. The market features designer woolens along with other items like watches, and clothing.
It was nice walking down the streets in the evening to hang out. The weather was lovely, the cool breeze makes us shiver, but the fog falling from the sky make the atmosphere romantic.

Top 5 places to visit in Nainital

Tiffin top

A view from tiffin top, Nainital
A view from tiffin top, Nainital

As Nainital is situated in Kumaon hills, Tiffin top offers the best view of the mountains from the highest point. It is advisable to wear woolens as you are going to spend at least 2 hours in shivering cold and don’t forget to take your video cam to shoot the amazing sceneries of Nainital.

The snow-clad peaks of Himalayas make a brilliant view of the city. Use binoculars to see the beauty of the place. Trekking is good during daytime with comfortable clothing and non-slippery footwear.

Tiffin top is also called Dorothy’s seat, and it is a famous picnic spot in Nainital at Ayarpatta hills 4 km from the central city. It is nature lover’s and photographer’s delight.

Hanuman Garhi

We also visited Hanuman Garhi luckily on Tuesday during the Nainital trip. It is situated 3.5 km from Tallital on Nainital-Devidhura road at 6,401 ft. Above sea level.

An artistic statue of Lord Hanuman has religious significance in addition to the brilliant sunsets and sunrise. The temple is old dated back to 1950.
The place has a religious significance as Sheetala Devi temple and Lila Shah Bapu ashram are located in the vicinity. Besides, a beautiful view of the sun rising and setting allures tourists to visit the spot.

Naina peak

It is the highest point of Nainital settled at 2611 m above sea level and the best location to view the snow laden Himalayas along with the stunning view of the town. The peak is famous for hiking, photography, and sight-seeing.

The captivating sceneries of Kumaon hills are visible from this point that is worth capturing. Trekking is advised during daytime to avoid accidents. The place is romantic at sunrise and sunset with rich flora and fauna at the spot. A breathtaking view of the mountains and Naini lake from the highest point of the hill station makes you feel like heaven where nature’s beauty is at its peak.

A view of Nainital from Naini peak
A view of Nainital from Naini peak

Do not forget to take water, apply sunscreen lotion and wear comfortable footwear to enjoy the trip to the fullest!

Naina Devi temple

We visited the famous Hindu shrine near the Naini Lake. The ancient temple is constructed in 15th century AD. The popular mythology about the temple says that the holy place is located at a place where the eyes of Devi Sati fell when Lord Shiva was carrying her corpse. Millions of devotees visit the temple to seek the blessings of the Goddess present in the form of eyes.
The Hindu pilgrimage site remains open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Nanda Ashtami is celebrated with pomp, and the idols of Goddess Nanda Devi and Naini Devi are immersed on the last day of the festival.

Nainital zoo

The wildlife lovers will enjoy the view of endangered species in the Nainital zoo. The spot is located at a distance 2 km from the Tallital bus stand. The opening and closing time is 9:30 am to 4:30 pm respectively. The entry fee is nominal- only 50 Rs for Adults.
The Zoo is closed on Monday and holidays. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo management Society is responsible for the maintenance if the wildlife park.  Zoo shuttle service and Jeep are available to reach the place. A few wildlife animals at this place are Royal Bengal Tiger, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Tibetan Wolf, and Red Jungle Fowl.

Best time to visit Nainital

A beautiful view of Nainital
A beautiful view of Nainital

Although the hill station is so captivating that you will love visiting it at any time of the year but the best time to explore the city is in the summer season when the weather is favorable, and you can find an escape from the scorching heat of the plains.
If you can tolerate snowy cold, you can plan a trip during December and January otherwise March to June are bearable with temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.
It was a wonderful trip as we enjoyed everything- weather, food, sites, and sceneries. I will love to revisit the city of lakes if I find a chance!

Jaisalmer- The cultural hub of Rajasthan!

The most magnificent city I have ever visited in my lifetime is Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. A place rich in culture in the Royal state invites you to enjoy cultural performances, distinctive meal characteristic of Rajasthan, camel ride, sunset point, grand architecture and much more. The history of Rajasthan reveals the life of noble people who lived through ups and downs still maintaining their dignity.

5 main tourist attractions in the Golden city

It was a couple tour arranged by a trip advisor who organized everything from hotel to guide to make the journey hassle free as he provided us with the best Jaisalmer package. The four nights five days expedition was awe-inspiring as we explored the nook and corners of the city of Jaisalmer. The trip was grand and entirely organized by the conveners. If we planned it for ourselves, we should have paid an arm and a leg.

Jaisalmer palaces

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

One of the best tourist attractions in Jaisalmer are the palaces; many of which converted into hotels. We landed in one of these lodgings on dawn after traveling the whole night. The hospitality shown by the hotel authorities in the elegant palace exhausted half of our fatigue.

The atmosphere was calm enough to feel fresh and rejuvenated.
We moved to our rooms to take rest for a short while then invited for refreshment typical of Rajasthan. Many items along with the onion kachori made us salivate.

The palace was big enough to take a walk after a meal. The magnificence of the hotel provided evidence of the splendid life of the kings and queens in the previous time. The architect worked wholeheartedly to make this masterpiece. Many of these palaces are converted into hotels with few modifications. The other untouched mansions are still present in the city to admire the original art of the artisans.

Patwon ki haveli

Patwon ki Haweli, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Patwon ki Haweli, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The tour began with a visit to an exceptional piece of art-Patwon ki haveli. The building is a combination of five havelis, each with unique architecture- a part of India’s rich heritage! I have a keen interest in discovering the ancient sites and history of a place to admire the flair of the designers.

The haveli had a museum displaying various work of art and craft. The carvings, mirror work, paintings amazingly decorated the masterpiece. It is also called ‘Mansion of Brocade merchants’as the dealers used it for trading purposes.

Patwon ki Haweli at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Patwon ki Haweli at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

You can walk the narrow streets with comfortable footwear to avoid foot sores and back pain. We had the trip in February, so the weather was friendly but if you are planning in summers, I suggest taking sunglasses, and sunscreen with hat to avoid scorching heat and harmful rays of the sun. Keep yourself hydrated!

Jaisalmer forts

Jaisalmer forts
Jaisalmer forts

Our troop moved to Jaisalmer fort to see the artistic architecture characteristic of Rajasthan. UNESCO has declared the Jaisalmer fort as the world heritage site. It is the largest fort in Rajasthan and is the tourist attraction for all who are fond of art and architecture or discovering the history of India.
We were taken by bus to the famous site, and a guide made us reconnoiter the citadel. The fort was golden thus deriving its popular name –‘sone ka quila’.The guide told us that a Rajput ruler had built this fort which survived many attacks in the past.

It was a pleasant experience as I am fond of exploring the history of my country and yes I have physical fitness to move around to see various palaces and temples inside the fort. The excitement makes me forget the weariness. I recommend the use of sports shoes and comfortable clothing to enjoy the real tour by walking.

The typical meal of Rajasthan- Alas! We were tired and hungry after this historical site visit and thanks to the trip organizers who arranged the delectable meal-spicy and mouthwatering- Gatte ki sabzi made from gram flour, Dal Bati Churma, kalmi vada, and Ghevar in sweets made us salivate at the sight of food. Being a food addict and fan of spicy meals, I ate till my tummy allowed me. If you are fond of Indian cuisine that is spicy and tasty, then I recommend this meal otherwise you can opt for a lighter one.

Camel ride

Desert of Jaisalmer
Desert of Jaisalmer

The most exciting feature of the princely state is the Jaisalmer desert and the king of the sands, camel. At dusk, when the sun is waiting to complete its day journey, all the couples were set to go for watching the sunset on the back of the camel.

An impressive scene of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is where sands are scattered all over with camels decorated with colorful clothing and accessories. All the couples got ready for the exciting ride to reach the sunset point.

We crossed the desert with the animal showing its proficiency in walking through the soft sands. It was the first time I experienced a ride on the back of the camel. Now, comes the point when the sky turned red depicting the end of the sun’s trek which is waiting to set in the west to rest for a while. The scene was picturesque and engaging.

Sunset in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Sunset in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

We waited until the sun reached home then the organizer instructed the riders to move back to reach the other end. A surprise was waiting for us as we were going to dwell in tents for the whole night.

It was in February, and the weather was cold enough to feel algidity. At first, we were upset at the idea of spending the whole night in a tent, but soon the fear went away with the wind. A planning authorities arranged the whole programme in the open with bonfires served with soft drinks and eatables. The star of the show was a dancer who was ready with typical dress and accessories to display a cultural presentation.

Cultural performances in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Cultural performance in Jaisalmer
Cultural performance in Jaisalmer

The most characteristic feature of Rajasthan is its culture that is depicted in costumes, dances, festival celebration and artistic taste of the people. The organizers properly arranged the trip and we did not miss a single event in the arty city.

Dancers and musicians performed the two cultural enactments that made our trip memorable.

Folk dance of Jaisalmer
Folk dance of Jaisalmer

The combined effect of the troop was marvelous as they were excellent in combination with each other. The vesture of the dancers was typical Rajasthani, and the performance was just brilliant.

The planners arranged the first performance for the day of arrival. When we came back after a hectic day, the tour planners arranged a breath-taking programme for us. It was excellent refreshment that rejuvenated our mind and soul. The culture of the golden state is the major tourist attraction that fascinates foreigners to visit India.

We attended the second programme on the last night, when we had to return to hometown the next morning. An open ground was selected for the performance beside the tents where we were intended to stay at night.

Jaisalmer is the cultural hub of Rajasthan; a city full of colors, art, and architecture! I suggest you to research about the city before beginning your excursion to take full benefit of the journey time. Never miss the magnificence of the site, or you will rue until you get a second chance!

Goa tourism- A holiday trip to the lonely planet!

Being a lover of sea beaches and unspoiled sands with sips of wine, I decided to plan a holiday trip to Goa. I wanted to have some fun with my family so thinking about a few different places. I always loved the beaches much more than hills and slopes. The vast ocean with no ends and falling sea waves give a mixed feeling of peace and storm in mind. The thoughts come and go leaving a calm spirit in the end.

At first, we were about to book a Goa tourism package, but later on, we decided to plan our trip to enjoy everything at our convenience.

Ibis Style

Ibis Style Hotel- Goa
Ibis Style hotel

The first thing while planning a tour is the lodging and boarding place. We selected an elegant hotel to stay on the island, and it contributed a lot to making our holiday trip to Goa most pleasurable.

We luckily had our halt in Ibis Style at Calangute road situated close to two famous beaches. The hotel is majestic with all the luxuries and offers excellent service to its customers. It is really the best place to stay in Goa.

Top beaches in Goa

Generally, the best beaches in Goa include Anjuna beach, Candolim beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach and Palolem beach. These are the five topmost beaches in Goa. But we stayed in the Ibis Style hotel in Goa, so the first beach near the boarding spot was Calangute beach.

Calangute beach
Calangute beach, Goa

It was nice visiting the beach as it is about 15 minutes away from our place. The soft sand crowded with coconut and palm trees is somewhat hard to cross if the footwear is not compatible. Try to walk bare feet on the beach and reach the waters. Soak your feet in the upcoming waves to clean them and feel fresh!

Being a shopaholic, I enjoyed shopping at stores situated on the outer side of the beach. Many vendors are selling eatables, but frankly, I avoid street food when I am on tour. I prefer to consume natural things like coconut water and if you are fond of food made from coconut, then try the typical cuisines of the state on Calangute beach.

Another tourist attraction located close to Calangute beach is Baga beach famous for fun, adventure, and excellent food. Britto’s bar and restaurant on the Baga beach is an amazing place for foodies. We visited two times to Brittos on a four day trip to Goa. The food was delicious, and the service was flawless. A provision for outdoor sitting in the evening still added charm to the restaurant as the people were enjoying finger-licking cuisines with a beautiful view of the sea waves.

We had a foot massage on the beach that was much relaxing after long walking on the sand as we were not used to sand trekking. In addition to this, water sports on the beach like scuba diving, jet skiing, dolphin rides, banana rides, motor boat ride and river cruise are amazing for adventure lovers.

The Saturday night market in Goa

Goa tourism
A nice place to shop unique items both of national and international standards- Saturday night market

We landed on Friday so luckily we had the option to see the famous Saturday night market in Goa. The arcade has everything from clothes, jewelry to carpet and spices. The entertainment options include rock to Indian classical with delicious cuisines and typical Goan dishes along with other international foods. The handmade items as belts, apparel, carpets, etc. attract foreigners and hobbyists from all over the world.

The liquor bar serves a variety of wines and drinks for those who are fond of beverages. The fun at the market goes till late at night; also, Goa is famous for nightlife.

5 top Casinos in Goa

A great combination of favorite drinks, tasty food, a wide range of games, and dance performance by international dancers make a part of the fantastic nightlife of the planet. The best casinos include Deltin Royale, Casino Palms, Casino Pride, Casino Paradise and Casino Carnival.

Deltin Royale Casino


The best of all Casinos is Deltin Royale, famous in Goa for the excellent atmosphere and fine dining with a wide range of games. We visited the Casino about 65 kilometers from Ibis Style, but as we were not well versed with games, we enjoyed the ambiance. Luxury is redefined at this place providing you with a unique experience prompting you to revisit it.
Location of the Casino- The casino is located in a royal ship in Mandovi River, Panjim, Goa. You have to reach the destination where tickets are bought, and an arrangement is there to take you to the real casino.
Choose the evening time to enjoy most in the casino as the real fun is at dawn.

Casino Palms

The Palms casino is situated on the Baga beach. Although not as good as the other can be visited as a time pass. The entry fee is nominal so if you are looking for a nice place and want to spend thriftily, then go for Casino palms.

We visited it once as it was a short distance away from our boarding place.

Casino Pride

Another floating casino in Panaji, Goa is Casino Pride known for gaming and glory includes Roulette, Baccarat, Paplu, Andar Bahar, etc. The casino is well-known to provide endless entertainment to adults and kids alike with Indian and international games combined with delicious cuisines and amazing dance performances. It nis located at river Mandovi, Panaji, Goa.

Casino Paradise

A grand casino in the hotel Neo Majestic and across the Mandovi River located close to Panaji. Besides games and food, it also offers a spa, sauna, and steam to rejuvenate body and mind. A beautiful place to spend time with friends or spouse in Goa is Casino Paradise. If you are a guest at the hotel then you can find it pleasing to visit the casino now and then, else it is a good option for everyone.

Casino Carnival

The two locations of casino carnival are- near Miramar beach and on the Mandovi River. The carnival casino is famous as it offers something to every age group. The Indian and international games with delicious varieties to eat, make this spot the favorite destination for hobbyists. The kids can party with games and toys.

Besides, you can also arrange parties for your guests as the roof is available for tourists and Goans both. The casino is open the whole day with Rs 1500 entry fee from Monday to Thursday and Rs 2000 for Friday and Saturday. The charge includes play coupon worth Rs. 1000 with unlimited buffet and drinks.

Reis Magos Fort-A famous tourist destination in Goa

Reis Magos Fort- Goa
Reis Magos Fort- Goa

We stayed for four nights and five days in the lonely planet including Saturday and Sunday. I searched for a few favorite Goa tourist places and found Reis Magos Fort that tells a lot about the history of the site.
We went to see the fort on Sunday. Although there was rush owing to the holiday but the entry fee was only Rs. 20, the lowest as compared with weekdays. For adults, the charge is Rs 50, and for students, it is Rs 25 on weekdays. A fort vehicle is also available for those who wish to explore the site on wheels.

The fort is well maintained and constructed in 1551 by Portuguese on the bank of river Mandovi. It was built to safeguard against attackers and also to accommodate the foreign delegates. It was kept as a treasure till June 2012 when it was opened to the public.

Timings- 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Days- Tuesday to Sunday

A vast citadel with prison, armaments, and antiques in the fort are amazing for history seekers. I love seeing historical monuments to appreciate the craftsmanship and the scientific values of the past. The history says that Afonso de Albuquerque convert the small outpost in this area to a fortress. The fort was renovated and restored by the famous architect of Goa named Gerad Da Canha.

The fort is now available on rent to arrange parties and weddings.
A Banyan tree grew as a parasite on a coconut tree after 1900. The host tree ultimately collapsed, and the Banyan one survives and stabilized. The prison and death hole are prominent in the citadel, and the past is written to provide acquaintance with the Goan history.

Churches in Goa

Goa is famous for churches as most of the population follows the Christian religion. I visited one of the oldest church near the Reis Magos Fort dedicated to St. Jerome. The church is painted in white- a color reminding of peace. The opening hours of the church is from 6 am to 11 pm on weekdays and on Sunday, the time shifts to 7:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

Goa church
An old church in Goa beside Reis Magos Fort

The interior of the church is gracefully adorned with the statues of the three wise man giving gifts to the baby Jesus. There is a grand celebration on the 6th of January every year when a procession starts at the church and goes around the village. You can be a part of the pageant and the feast if you are in Goa at that time.

The church and the fort are close to each other so that you can visit two of the favorite Goan sites at one time. Moreover, the refreshment is also available outside the tourist spots.

Whether you are scheduling a holiday trip to Goa, via a ‘Goa tourism package’ or you wish to explore the island at your convenience, plan whole day fun at this fantastic place. I suggest visiting Goa in winters or in any favorable weather to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

How to plan a Dharamshala trip?

After a busy week spent in the office, I was craving for a break from my monotonous routine to feel energetic and relaxed once again. It is always a great idea to plan a trip to hills to rejuvenate your body and soul. So to make my weekend memorable, I planned a Dharamshala trip. It is one of the best options for weekend escape especially when you live in North. The beautiful city of Dharamshala is situated in the district of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. Formerly known as Bhagsu, the town is famous for Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Monasteries, German Bakery, Dal Lake and Naddi village. The renowned Mcleodganj, named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod, is very close to the city Dharamshala. So Dharamshala tourism provides its tourists with the best of both worlds.

Dharamshala, India

Places to stay in Dharamshala

It is indispensable to look after your stay and lodging if you wish to make your Dharamshala tour memorable. Luckily, I found a room in a guest house in Bhagsunag just for Rs. 300. It had free wi-fi facility and a small kitchen just outside the guest house where one could afford a thali for Rs. 60 for lunch or dinner. They had a separate breakfast menu and trust me; the food was delicious as it was home cooked. You can find many guest houses near Bhagsunag, and for hotel rooms, the range starts from Rs. 1000-1500.

Tourist places in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is blessed with many tourist places, and that’s the reason it is one of the most popular travel destinations in North. I happen to visit most of the significant sites of the city one by one –

Dalai Lama Temple

If you are a lover of meditation and peace, the Dalai Lama Temple is for you. Also known as Tsuglagkhang Temple, it is situated at the very end of Mcleodganj. The temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha, and the architecture of the Temple is elegant and diverse.


As I entered Mcleodganj, I was welcomed by this enormous temple standing tall in the centre of McLeodganj’s market. It is decorated with diverse colours and patterns.

St. John’s church

The church of St. John is situated eight km away from Dharamshala. I was stunned by this small and pristine church that has been built in such an exquisite manner that it will remind you of the Victorian age.

Sightseeing in Dharamshala

There are many places for sightseeing in Dharamshala that will make you fall in love with the city. Waking up to Dhalaudhars, and having my breakfast in front of a breath-taking view is a moment is an unforgettable memory for me.

The city offers you with many tourist destinations like-

Dal Lake

The Dal Lake is situated a few kilometres away from Bhagsunag. I had to hire a taxi to Dal Lake which cost me Rs. 200. Dal Lake is famous for boating, sightseeing, and other fun activities.

Naddi village

This small village is located ahead of Dal Lake, and you can reach here via taxi only. So better get a taxi from Bhagsunag to Dal Lake and further to Naddi. The small town provides the tourists with a clear view of Dhalaudhars. It has not much to offer, but the subtle lifestyle there made me feel like I should settle in Naddi at once for all.


To add an adventurous twist to my Dharamshala trip, I chose to trek to Triund. I experienced many lovely sights during my journey to the top, and I also met people from different cultures. One requires a vast amount of stamina to climb to the top. But once I jumped above, I felt like I was in heaven.

Dharamshala trip


Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu Falls is located next to Shiva café, and I had to climb few stairs to reach there. Not only did I enjoy the cuisines, but also the sight of the falls was mesmerising. You can also dive into the water flowing from falls and refresh yourself.

It is my suggestion to plan a Dharamshala trip after September in case you want to trek to Triund because, during the rainy season, it gets hard to travel due to the steep path. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get on a bus to Dharamshala! The city will offer you not only new adventures but also a pleasant memory to hold onto forever.

Kamati Garden, Vadodara

The children often search for refreshment on weekends or holidays. Sayaji garden or popularly called Kamati garden in Baroda is one such destination meant for everyone. It has interest points for adults, kids, and youngsters.

Kamati garden

It is one of the best places to visit in Vadodara, and you need the half day to explore the whole area. The garden has two museums, a zoo, toy train, planetarium, swings, and games for children, a vast open space for walking, green area for picnic and more. The area covered is 45 hectares that can be surveyed by train preferably during the daytime.


The garden is situated in Fatehgunj with three entrance gates-the first one at Kala Ghoda close to the bus stand, the second is close to the railway station, and the third is in Fatehgunj at Rana Pratap Square.

A survey by train

Kamati Garden, Vadodara


We used to wander in the garden for a walk in the morning or evening. The beautiful view of the garden is soothing for eyes, but this time we opted to move through a train as children enjoy this excursion.

The joy train is made for children and adults with time settings. It covers 3.5 km so that the riders can view the entire garden including Baroda museum, planetarium, and zoo. The joy train replaces the old toy train with more space where adults can sit comfortably along with kids.

Other specialties of Kamati garden

The Kamati garden is one the most popular sightseeing places in Vadodara visited by inhabitants of the city and nearest towns. The students from outer areas or foreign countries love to spend time in the garden on weekends. The place has fascinations for everyone irrespective of age and gender.

Games in Kamati garden

The huge walking area around the greenery offers an excellent opportunity to walk in the morning or evening. Besides, the zoo has a variety of animals and birds besides fishes in the aquarium.


The planetarium is a part of Sayaji Baug and provides information about various planets, stars and universe in Hindi, English and the regional language- Gujarati. It is situated close to the main gate. The information is provided attractively and is used for educational purposes also.

Floral clock

A large decorative clock adds to the attractions of the garden. It is about 6 meters in diameter naturally telling time. It is made in multicolor and situated in the central area of the garden.

Vadodara Museum

A wide range of collection ranging from sculptures and paintings to instruments of sciences is being exhibited in Vadodara museum and picture gallery. These include a combination of ancient work and modern art. We often visit this museum accompanied by guests who love to view the astonishing masterpieces including Egyptian mummy and skeleton of the blue whale.

You will need at least two to three hours to go through the whole garden as the exciting points need to be explored. It is one of favorite destination on weekends and holidays. The residents can go for a walk daily. Check out the Kamati Baug zoo timings before planning to go for exploration!

Mt. Abu (Rajasthan)- A heaven on earth!

I love traveling to places with a lovely weather as the sights and sceneries provide more pleasure if the atmosphere is friendly. Mt. Abu is one of the best tourist destinations that I have ever visited in my lifetime. I chose the monsoon time to visit the location as the fog falls from the sky making the environment impressive.

A Foggy evening in Mt. Abu

Mt. Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan situated on the highest Aravalli hills at the southwestern end. As the place is sited close to the Gujarat border, it is close to my hometown, Vadodara. I usually go to visit the location whenever I want a break from the hullaballoo of the city life. The atmosphere is serene and beautiful in rainy season. When it rains in the afternoon, you can take a walk in the evening to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I suggest you stay in a cottage in Mt. Abu or search for the best hotels situated at a distance from the city among the forests. You can enjoy the trip to the brim if you are a nature lover. Although you will find the sights at a distance, you can hire a taxi for the whole day to reach the places.

How to reach?   

If you are living at a short distance from the site, you can take your car with driver to reach Mt. Abu. Otherwise, book a luxury bus or reserve seats in train up to Abu road then take the bus to reach your destination.

Best Places to visit in Mt. Abu   

Mt. Abu is the favorite destination for honeymooners and is ideal for families also. The beautiful surroundings are compatible with lovers, and incredible sightseeing attracts everyone to visit the place time and again.

• Dilwara temples, Mt. Abu

These ancient temples are exemplary of the best architectural construction of 11th to 13th century AD. The temple has a grand architecture carved with marble stone. It is surrounded by greenery all around and is situated at a remote place from the city. It is famous for Jain temples devoted to five main Jain saints- Shri Adinath, Shri Parshavnath, Shri Neminath Ji, Shri Rishabdaoji and Shri Mahaveer Swami.

We went on a family trip and spent the first two days appreciating the beauty of nature. On the third day, we went to visit the sights. The Dilwara temples are the excellent example of marvelous work of marble in ancient times. A great work of art and sculpture especially for those who wish to explore Indian history to admire human effort in creating exclusive architectures.

• Nakki Lake

A popular activity in Mt Abu, Rajasthan is boating in Nakki Lake, one of the best tourist destinations of the hilly area. As the sun is about to set, we began our journey by walking to reach the lake. I must tell you I enjoyed walking as the weather was favorable enough to tread and the trip becomes unforgettable as I revel in the lovely nature.

This is another beautiful view of nature depicting scenic magnificence pleasing the aesthetic senses. The clean waters of the lake with images of lush green trees and colorful boats exhibit a brilliant appearance soothing the eyes and heart. We all tried boating when suddenly showers began to add to our exhilaration.

After boating, we went to Raghunath temple situated on the hill near the lake. There is no entry fee to Nakki Lake, but boating is not free. The lake is open during daytime till evening for tourists. As the sunset point is close to the lake, we plan to visit the creek about one and a half hour before sunset.

• Sunset point in Mt Abu


The sunset point is yet another landmark to watch the nature’s beauty at its peak. We reached the place just before the sun is about to hide behind the hills.

A massive ball of fire, round and red, might be tired was about to rest. The sky turned orange by the rays of the setting sun. The photographers present there were trying to capture the moments in their imported cameras.

The place was crowded as it is popular among tourists. The dense forests area on the other side of the hill is banned due to the presence of wild animals.


• Gaumukh Temple


Gaumukh means the ‘mouth of the cow.’ Although the temple is located in the dense forest, and it is risky to visit in the rainy season, but we went when the sky is clear during the daytime. The site is a popular tourist destination for devotees and culture lovers.

The temple has idols of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Rishi Vashisht besides the bull statue which is a symbol of Lord Shiva. The God is known to ride the bull. We climbed 700 stairs to reach the main temple.

It is said that Saraswati Ganga flows through the mouth of the cow. The floor is slippery, and you need to be careful while walking to the shrine.


• Brahma Kumaris

Brahmakumaris, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan

As said earlier, Mt Abu is a perfect choice for those seeking peace and not only the atmosphere but also the hermitages adding to the amity. Brahma Kumaris offer many spiritual courses apart from meditation in Mt. Abu. You can also stay at their ashrams to watch the live sessions.

We sojourned at a hotel only 10 minutes away from the Brahma Kumaris monastery. We walked to visit the place painted in white- a color symbolizing peace.

It was made in a vast area with universal peace hall for spiritual lectures with sitting arrangements and greenery all around for oxygenated atmosphere. We attended some lectures in the room and moved around the place.

A lot more to describe but I conclude herby saying that Mt. Abu is the must visit place for everyone to live in the lap of nature for few days. I love this place and used to travel off and on. The other places of interest are Achalgarh fort, Gurushikhar and Honeymoon point in Mt. Abu. Browse through the places before planning the trip so that you can visit all the sites in the available time.

Precautions– Take special care while walking through honeymoon point and visiting temples situated among dense forests. Do not try to cross the hill at the sunset point as wild animals might be present at the site.
Plan a Mt. Abu tour and feel the heaven!

Gujarat tourism- Pavagadh!

Vadodara is my hometown and I used to visit Pavagadh frequently with family as it is hardly 45 km from the city. We take our car and move to the destination visiting Jambughoda on the way. Pavagadh is the pilgrimage center in Gujarat famous for Kalika Mata temple.

Pavagadh history

According to Hindu mythology, Pavagadh is known for Kalika Mata Temple situated at the top of the hill, 762 m above sea level. The Rajput King Vanraj Chawda established the Champaner in which Pavagadh is located. According to folk tales, once Mahakali Mata assumed the human form and performed Garba during Navratri. The goddess cursed the last Patai ruler for his ill-intentions and  Mahmud Begada killed him in the 15th century.

Mahmud Begada shifted the capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner for a period and developed the area. At present, Halol and Kalol towns located near Champaner are developed industrially.

Kalika Mata Temple

Kalilka Maata temple and Dargah in Pavagadh

Kalika Mata Temple is situated at the peak of the hill within the Champaner-Pavagadh archaeological park. Millions of devotees every year visit the Hindu pilgrim center. We are the residents of Vadodara, Gujarat and as such we often plan to go for religious zeal. It is around 45 to 46 km away from our residence.

The dense forests surround the Pavagadh Mahakali Temple. You can reach there through trolleys or ropeway. Alternately, you can take a walking route if you have the stamina. You can reach the temple after climbing stairs as it is located at the summit of the hill.

We opted for ropeway and reached the small market under the hill. You can buy the dainty from the passage to offer to the deity.

We move up the stairs to the temple that has three images of red color-Kalika Maata in the center, Mahakali to the right and Bahuchara Mata on the left. The complex has both Hindu and Muslim shrines.

Pavagadh attractions

Pavagardh in Gujarat is famous for Jain temples, Vada talav, Virasat van, Dudhiya Talav besides Kalika Mata temple. The Jain shrines have three groups- Navlakka temples, Tirthankaras temples, and Pavagadh Digamber Dharamshala temples. Digamber temple is 5000 years old and is worth visiting.

Machi Haveli is a part of Champaner tourism and is accessible through local transport. It is situated 490m above on a plateau. You will find rest houses, homes and hotels to relax and unwind at this place. The remains of the Raval Palace exist here.

Champaner-Pavagarh archaeological park is the Hindu pilgrimage site while the architecture is a mix of Hindu and Muslim styles. The place exhibit previous cultures dating back to Mehmud Begda. The site is vulnerable, and it contains the remains of ancient structures comprising temples, palaces, water installations, and fortresses. UNESCO has included the site in world heritage list.

The other tourist attractions are Lila Gumbaj ki Masjid, Sahar ki Masjid, Sadanshah Pir dargah and Jama Masjid.

Pavagadh has many resorts and hotels to reside in. The pilgrims, Hindu and Muslims, both visit the place to worship from different places.

Best time to visit Champaner-Pavagadh

We are living close to the site, so we often find time to visit the place time and again. The most suitable time to view the spot is from February to June. Avoid going in the rainy season due to slippery stairs and hills. You can plan a trip to Pavagadh in all other seasons.

Pavagadh in Champaner is a unique place combining both Hindu and Muslim pilgrimage sites due to previous rulers of different creeds. It combines religion for devoted persons and scenic beauty pleasing the aesthetic senses at one location. The temples are situated amidst greenery among beautiful hills giving one more reason to visit the site.

Top 5 destinations to spend holidays in India

India is a land of cultural integrity uniting diverse traditions into one garland. If you are planning for India tour, you must prepare a trip preferably with a travel agency to these 5 top exotic destinations to appreciate the beauty of the country.

1. Jaisalmer

A beautiful view of Jaiselmer

If you are fond of exploring the place you are visiting, and you want to see the Indian culture in its purest form, Jaisalmer is the most suitable destination to travel.  It is a part of the glorious state of Rajasthan worth visiting for a camel ride, cultural performances, historical monuments, museums and more.

Cultural dance of Rajasthan

I suggest hiring a guide or a tour package to explore the place as every nook and corner has its specialties and you might miss the real taste.

Advancement in tourism in the royal state of Rajasthan is cycling tours arranged by many companies. All the cities in the state are worth visiting time and again as every location has something unique to offer. The same is the case with Jaisalmer; the town is beautiful with many exciting activities to do.

  • Daytime activities- You can start your trip to this beautiful city early in the morning by cycling or walk, if you feel convenient. The forts and palaces are amazing with historical background. Appreciate the beauty of the sandy state in marvelous citadels designed scientifically to flabbergast the artistic and creative minds of the makers. Another attraction of this princely state is the Rajasthani feast, somewhat spicy but mouth-watering. The rural people of Jaisalmer follow the real culture of Rajasthan. The way of dressing, festival celebration embraces the cultural ethics of the state. Camel ride is an activity specially meant for tourists who visit the place for enjoyment.

Culture of Rajasthan

  • Night relaxation– After a hectic day in the city, you need to relax, and the best way to relax is to watch and enjoy the cultural dance performance along with the delicious cuisine.

Be prepared to enjoy the fun during India tour in the city with glorious past!

2. Goa

Stunning beaches of Goa

The most visited destination in western India is Goa. Tourists love to visit this place due to its nightlife, cathedrals and grand architecture. If you are planning to visit Goa in a group, then I suggest staying in a rented house else hire a hotel room.

The best season to visit Goa is winters mainly from November to March. The cheapest way to travel is by a bus while the other means are taxis, cars, autorickshaws, and trains.

  • Daytime activities- The favorite daytime activity is spending time on stunning sea beaches for a sunbath or water sports. Pools and water slides are common in water parks, water rafting in rivers, water skiing, snorkeling, sports fishing, banana ride and jet skiing are few others thrilling sports in Goa. Camping and Trekking are two other activities to be enjoyed in the adventurous state.
  • Nightlife in Goa- Though Goa is the smallest state in India yet the exciting nightlife has popularized the place so much that folks from all around the world like to visit Goa to sing and dance near the sea after sunset. The nightclubs, bars, pubs, and discos in Goa attract tourists to party all night. If you are fond of shopping, Saturday Flea market and night bazaars are open to enjoy shopping a variety of things including spices, clothes and footwear, perfumes, accessories, home décor items and more. Furthermore, spending nights on a boat in party cruises is yet another option for enjoyment. The tourists also try their luck in gambling in casinos. These are also available on ships. The possibilities are many; you have to choose the best one.

    3. Mt. Abu

    Mt. Abu, Rajasthan

The only hill station of Rajasthan- Mt. Abu provides relaxing and soothing atmosphere away from the clamor of busy cities. The best time to travel Abu is during monsoons. You can watch the excellent weather as fog falls leaving mist when you cannot see beyond a certain distance. The weather is favorable and the peaceful environment calms the soul.

  • Daytime activities- The best thing to do during daytime is sight-seeing as Nakki Lake, and Dilwara temples are famous sights in Mt. Abu to visit. Trekking is enjoyable if you are fond of the activity as the city is full of rocky hills. Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Aravalli range situated at a 15 km distance from Mt Abu. A small cave temple at this peak is worth visiting and a great tourist attraction. Boating is popular at Nakki lake and spectacular Sunset point leaves an imprint or an unforgettable experience of the visit. The orange colored sun setting behind the hills is a magnificent view of nature.
  • Night time- As the sun sets the foggy wind pervades the atmosphere making the things misty and the weather romantic. The environment is tourist friendly almost the whole year but winters and monsoon are the best time periods to visit the place. A simple walk on the peaceful roads at night time in groups or alone is suggested to take a sip of the beauty of nature. Feel the air, enjoy the light rains!

    4. Shimla


The hilly capital of beautiful state Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, has been a site of tourist attraction in India from the very beginning. Some visitors love to play in snow during winters while others enjoy cloudy atmosphere during July to September. The cleanliness and natural beauty are the two perfect features that attracts tourist towards the city. You can stay at expensive hotels or budget-friendly inns or houses

  • Daytime activities- The first thing to enjoy in Shimla is sunrise brightening the atmosphere. You can visit the beautiful hills and valleys during day time in the city. The Mall Road and Jhaku temple are other tourist attractions. Go for shopping in Lakkar Bazar or plan a trip to Kufri or summer hill to enjoy the weather and beautiful sites. The hill station is romantic and as such best destination for couples. If you love adventures, you can go for trekking, rafting, mountaineering, horse riding and skating.
  • Nightlife- Nightclubs as Footloose, Pub, Himani bar and others are best for enjoyment at night time. The Ridge in Shimla is worth watching during evening and night. The sunset exhibit a magnificent view of this place and the location seems beautiful in twilight but beware of the cold weather at night.

5. Manali


Another heaven on earth, Manali, well-known for its natural beauty and nice weather is situated in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh. When you are on India tour, it is one of the best destinations for honeymoon and holidays. If you love snowfall and fond of low temperature fun then winter is the best time to travel the place. However, people love to visit the hill station during summer to escape the scorching heat of the season. You can enjoy trekking, paragliding, rafting during this season.

Day time activities- Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Manikaran Gurudwaara and Hadimba devi temple are the places to visit in Manali during day time. The place is the best destination for honeymoon in summers and winters as the location has many places to visit and the weather is romantic to let you play lovey-dovey. If you love to see architectural grandeur, you can quench your thirst by visiting Vashisht temple and Manu temple. The hindu mythology says that sage Manu meditated this place in the city and Vashisht temple is named after the famous sage Rishi Vashisht. The hot spring in the Vashisht temple is well known for its medicinal values and people used to bathe in this water.

Night life in Manali– The place is chilled enough at night but if you dare enough to move out at night, there are few places to dance and enjoy. The cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs and overnight camps are best ones to chill out at night.

Choose the best place according to your nature and find India at its best. Search for the best travel tour package from the popular sites to avail the attractive discounts. Plan an India tour now!